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Salon Waste Repurposed

Green Grotto Beauty is proud to be the first certified sustainable salon in the South Coast & Cape Cod region of Massachusetts. Green Circle Salons is a comprehensive repurposing/recycling program that is custom designed for the industry. Because GCS researches the specific environmental impact of the beauty industry, they have created appropriate solutions to help us divert up to 95% of salon waste from landfills. 

Hair, color tubes, foils, plastics, papers, and chemicals are diverted from our waste and water streams to be repurposed, instead of contributing to environmental harm.

What is collected?

Hair clippings - turned into mats to clean up oil spills, and pet beds for natural disaster relief. When hair accumulates in a landfill to rot, it creates methane gas which is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. Hair can absorb 12X its own weight in oil, which makes it a better fit for hair booms.


Hair color by-product - chemicals are separated from water to be used for clean energy fuel. An incineration process creates clean water, and enables us to put the leftover chemicals to good use, instead of polluting our waterways. 


Metals - are turned into other consumer goods like bicycle frames. Aluminum is commonly recycled, but once it has been exposed to hair color chemicals we need a specific recycling facility to process the material. 


Waste to energy - includes items like nail files, cotton, caps, gloves, etc. that are single use items. These are incinerated in a protected facility to create clean energy. This more effective at eliminating waste than biodegradable industry alternatives at this time. 


Miscellaneous - hair dryers, mannequins, and other electronics are ethically recycled.  


Plastics & papers recycled locally.